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  • Born: Montreal August 8th.
  • Nationality: Canadian.
  • Height: 5,3
  • Weight: 116 lbs (competition), 126 lbs (off-season)

Here is my storySylvia Tremblay

At the age of 2, I was already a very hyperactive kid. I was jumping and climbing everywhere. Sometimes I drove my parents crazy just trying to keep up with me, so at the age of 4, they enrolled me in classical ballet. Then when I was 5, I began taking figure skating classes, and finally at the age of 8 I settled on ballet jazz, which I pursued for nearly 8 years.

In high school I was a very shy person, so to pass the time I participated in a number of sports, mainly swimming. One of my favorite sports was gymnastics, which I only had the opportunity to take in gym class. I enjoyed this sport immensely and would have liked to pursue it competitively, however gymnastic clubs were rare at that time. After high school however, I started to work and for a while I stopped participating all forms of activities.

Some time had elapsed before I became active again. I began participating in other sports like skiing, water skiing and mountain biking (in which I entered into a couple of competitions). It wasn't until 7 years later, when I had noticed that I'd put on an extra 25 pounds! I decided to do something about it and to get back into shape again. I joined a gym and started to do intensive cardio training. I immediately fell in love with the aerobic step class and I decided to become an aerobic step instructor.

From 1992 'til 1997, I taught aerobics and step workout classes. It was such a great job since it allowed me to help others to stay in shape and to be happy. I find teaching a workout class particularly fulfilling because it allows me to share my enthusiasm with students by motivating them to enjoy training and all the benefits it has to offer. It also allows me the opportunity to be creative by finding ways to get the class interested. In keeping it fun, I try make them forget that they are really working hard. I also make it a top priority to give them directions on proper technique and form so they don't injure themselves.

How I got into fitness competitions?

I moved to Coaticook, in the Eastern Townships in 1995 and at that time, there was no gym that offered aerobic classes. Since I wanted to stay active, I enrolled in a small gym where I began to do weightlifting (something I had never done before). It was at this small Coaticook's center that the owners, Claire and Gaétan spoke to me about fitness competitions. I had seen one of these competitions at RDS: the Fitness America Pageant in California. I was very impressed with the shape of the girls competing. I was far from thinking that one day I would be able to do the same.

A Decisive Moment.

The first competition in which I participated in was a turning point in my career, because it was at that moment that I realized…fitness would be a part of my life. It was after winning the Fitness Canada Pageant in 1999, that I found myself, in November of 1999, at the prestigious Fitness America Pageant in California. This was a competition that seemed unattainable only 2 years prior. It was like a dream for me to find myself amongst the 100 best fitness competitors in America.

Where I find my motivation and inspiration?

I am and have always been someone who likes to push the limits in everything I do. I always want more. I give myself a goal/objective and I work hard until I get there. I watch competitions as much as I can to keep myself motivated and strive to always do better. Music is also a great source of inspiration to me. It is a part of every one of my training sessions and I almost always have my Walkman with me.

What I like about competitions?

I like to perform and to challenge myself. I also like the entertainment aspect of it. Fitness gives me the chance to stay in shape while having fun. I enjoy dancing immensely and Fitness is my avenue to dance and express myself. With every new routine there is new choreography and a different theme. It's a little like being in a story, in which I get to play the main character.

What do I find most challenging?

It's got to be the discipline, by far! The hours and hours of training, a heavy workload and the dieting can be killer. I have to always watch what I eat and can never drink any alcohol. There's no more going out late and I have to get to sleep early every night to make sure my body is well rested. I've also had to deprive myself of some of the other sports that I enjoy due to my competitions. I can no longer go mountain biking because I may get injured.

What was the biggest obstacle?

From an athletic point of view, my biggest obstacle was that I didn't have any type of formal gymnastics training when I was young. In these competitions, many girls are ex-gymnasts and that shows through in their choreography. I've had to learn to do these jumps and start training with gymnastics at the age of 31 and I have to tell you, it wasn't easy. From another point of view, my biggest obstacle is the financial part. These competitions can cost a fortune in trainers, dietary supplements and in traveling. I faced this problem many times and sometimes I couldn't go to a competition because of a lack of money.

What are my future projects?

I would like to help other people to get in shape, to be happy with their bodies and to teach them what I know so they can also benefit from it. What I would really like is, someday, to have my own gym.

What I would like to say to those who wish to be in shape?

The best advice I can give you is to make it a priority instead of saying "I should ...". It is not enough to wish it or think about it to succeed. You have to make it part of your daily life. That way, training becomes fun instead of work. Finally, I am saying to you: "Don't wait until tomorrow, start today!"

2009: An exceptional year!

To begin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support. Every day, I receive your emails of encouragement and congratulations and they are all greatly appreciated. You have no idea how your messages move me and give me the energy to continue.Sylvia Tremblay

It all started in early March at the Arnold Classic Amateur, where I won the first place, overall. This gave me the chance to personally meet Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and to receive an invitation to take part in the Arnold Classic 2010 with the pros. The only thing missing was the pro-card!

Two weeks later, I won the first place, overall at the CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Championships (formerly know as the National World Qualifier), qualifying for the World Championships; I was going to go to Italy to represent Canada at the IFBB World Championship!

In August, I competed at Canadian Championship CBBF in Vancouver. My hopes were high for this competition since it was the only one allowing me to get the status of IFBB Professional Athlete. I had to win first place and it is to my great pleasure that I succeeded.

The pro-card has to wait!

Having won the first place overall, I could now become an athlete IFBB Pro but, as I was going to Italy to represent Canada at the World's Championship, and it's an amateur competition, I had to wait a little bit longer to get my long awaited pro-card.

October: Italy

Here I am, at the World's Championship! Wow! It was totally different than any other competition I have been to before. It made me think about the Olympics! I was very happy to qualify myself for the Final and to win 6th place. It was a gift from heaven since only the first 6 competitors would make it to the Final.

As if the realization of this dream was not already amazing, my Love decided to make our trip to Italy extra special and proposed! How romantic! A wedding proposal in Italy! Without any hesitation…. I said YES!!!

Upon my return from Italy, I finally applied for my Pro-Card, which I received a few weeks ago. It is surreal: My lifelong goal accomplished.

I am really excited with the idea of making my Pro Debut at the Arnold Classic 2010. My scheduled next year will be super booked because I am planning of doing several competitions. My ultimate objective: Qualify myself for the Olympia!


Top / Competitions / Publications / TV Coverage

  • Toronto Pro show 2011---- 10th place
  • Europa show os champion 2011----10th place
  • New York Pro Show 2011----10th place
  • Arnold Classic Fitness International---13th place
  • Fort Laurerdale show 2010----10th place
  • Europa Show of Champion 2010 ----7th place
  • New York Pro show 2010 ----6th place
  • IFBB Wolrd Championship oct. 2009 (Italy) ----6th place
  • CBBF National 2009. (Winning IFBB pro card) ----1st place
  • Natural Canadian Championship (Worlds Qualifier)
  • I will represent Canada at the Worlds championship in Italy on Oct. 19 2009 ----1st place
  • Arnold Classic Fitness Amateur 2009 ----1st place
  • Canadian Championship CBBF 2008 ---- 2nd place
  • Arnold Classic Amateur 2008 ----2nd place
  • FAME World Pro 2006 ----2nd place
  • FAME World Pro 2005 ----2nd place
  • Fitness America Pageant 2005, Hollywood CA ----4th place
  • Fitness Universe Pageant 2005, Miami FL ----5th place
  • Ms. Fitness World 2006, Las Vegas ----8th place
  • Ms. Fitness Canada east 2005 ----1st place
  • FAME fitness PRO 2005, Toronto 2nd place
  • Fitness America Pageant 2004, Anaheim, CA ----4th place
  • Ms. Fitness Canada 2004, Ottawa ----1st place
  • Fitness America Pageant 2002, California ----1st place
  • Fitness ESPN Series 2002, California ----1st place
  • Fitness TSN series 2002, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness Canada Pageant 2002, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness Universe Pageant 2002, Miami ----4th place
  • Fitness ESPN series 2001, Las Vegas ----1st place
  • Fitness Winter freeze National 2001, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness Model search 2001, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness TSN series 2001, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness Canada Pageant 2001, Toronto ----1st place
  • Fitness Canada Pageant 1999, Toronto ----1st place
  • CBBF National 1998, Toronto ----5th place
  • Canada Cup CBBF 1997, Toronto ----2nd place
  • Provincial Quebec 1997, Quebec ----2nd place
  • Regional Quebec 1997, Quebec ----2nd place


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Top / Competitions / Publications / TV Coverage

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